YouSave’s Next Generation Security Technlogy

March 6, 2023

YouSave has just completed development and deployment of the next generation of security technology. 

Who is the enemy? 

Scams are usually targeted towards high price products. Here are a few of the giveaways we base our software’s algorithm on.

  • They give abnormally low prices, use fake links and impersonate big sites.
  • Since they are banned on-the-go, they are usually very new (same year).
  • They tend to give unknown/fake addresses, and have low-nonexistent reviews.

This scam industry profits $50 billion ($50 000 000 000) per year; Victims lose $50 billion ($50 000 000 000) per year. Due to scams promoted or un-filtered on other websites. Our priority is making sure our shoppers are safe.

Who is the Solution? 

This software will continously sort through our extensive (and always evolving) catalog of over 2 billion products from over 14 million sellers and remove/ban all sites with possibility of scams.

Having 100s of different industries, our technology had to have a deeper level of understanding and not a specific target. Interchanging machine automation with advanced probability formulas has given us a great starting point with we will continue to grow and adapt on to keep our users safe. This complex technology is not patented, and will not be, to support the bigger effort to end this industry.

Ending note

Our goal was to find a middle ground between mass removing scam offers while leaving larger selection of offers. Allowing the true best price to thrive and not limiting to the biggest retailers. Promoting competition and ultimately resulting in larger and safer savings for our users.

This is part of your/our major effort to drastically reduce and in the end completely eliminate this industry. As more users migrate to our site we must become more and more responsible and will continue to invest heavily so you don’t lose heavily. Our priority is making sure our shoppers are safe. We want you to shop free of mind, while Saving Money, Saving Faster.

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